MIT 18.337/6.338

Modern Numerical Computing

Final Project Presentations

Yinzhan Xu, Yunkun Zhou Subcubic Matrix Multiplication & complexity estimator
Nanfang Hong Reconstruct 3D shape from Extended Gauss Image (Notebook | github)
Angus Foo Overlapping Finite Elements (slides)
Christian Landeros Generative Adversarial Networks for Unsupervised Clustering ( slides)
Rebecca Carlson, Kathi Hoebel, Olivia Waring A Julia U-Net for Cell Segmentation (slides | report)
Sarah Greer Software Defined Radio
Alasdair Hastewell ODE Finder (slides)
Florence Yip Email author for permission
Kim Holmgren, Eric Wybenga Financial Strategy Backtester (slides)
Chris Courtin Mixed-Integer Geometric Programs (slides)
Paul Gibby Building a Toolkit for Adversarial Learning in Julia (slides)
Ali Ramadhan Massively parallel nonhydrostatic ocean modeling on GPUs
Matt Johnson Reaction Mechanism Simulator (Slides | Github)
Saleh Al Nasser Siesmic Reverse Time Migration (slides)
Kevin Silmore Immersed Boundary Hydrodynamics with Rigid Constraints (slides)
Yusu Liu Identifying the Optimum Perovskite Catalyst for Water Splitting using Julia (slides)
Jenny Coulter Email author for permission
Nicholas Rivera Nonlinear solvers for coupled eigenequations (slides)
Suzane Cavalcanti, Caroline Nielsen Autodiff of non-smooth functions (slides)
Robin Park Wavenet in Julia
Jennifer Dawkins, Brian Do Stride Prediction for Exoskeleton Control (slides)
Felipe Suarez Stein Variational Gradient Descent (slides)