MIT 18.337/6.338

Modern Numerical Computing

Final Project Presentations

Project presentations will begin Monday, 3rd December and will continue for two weeks until Wednesday, 12th December. Every team is expected to present and demo their projects.


  1. Each team gets 10 minutes to present their work.
  2. You must motivate the project sufficiently, introduce the topic assuming audience has no prior knowledge of your area.
  3. There must be code examples that executes all or most of the code to demo what you have implemented. This may be executed live (e.g. in a notebook). If it takes too long to execute the code, it’s ok to show the results of execution.
  4. Performance and productivity comparison (e.g. pros and cons of Julia / its ecosystem) with other similar projects out there (could be your own implementation before you took the course), will be useful
  5. References must be given to code and literature that you have used.